Influenza Rapid Test, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Multiplex PCR


According to a survey done in the US in 2014 (DOI: 10.1128/JCM.00382-15), only 16% of upper respiratory tract viral infection were due to influenza A virus. RSV, rhinovirus, enterovirus, coronavirus, adenovirus are among the remaining cause of URTI. We may notice that people are more aware of influenza more than the other viruses which cause URTI. One of the reason maybe due to the more severe symptoms and complications of influenza virus infection which may require more attention on treatment. However, virus such as rhinovirus may trigger asthma in children or causing lower respiratory tract infection like coronavirus. For better disease management, clinicians may require influenza test or multiplex respiratory tract infection PCR panel to make definite diagnosis. These tests may not only help in treatment decision but also help to assess the patient for complications due to different viral infection. In terms of epidemiology and infection control, definite diagnosis also play an important role. After all, patient satisfactory is what the medical team should provide. See more from our technologist here