2017 LSM One Health Campaign


LSM Laboratory will host an One Health event from 1 September untill 3 November 2017, the One Health Day. We will delivery a series of short video to introduce the essentials of antibiotic resistance and their relation to One Health through our social media platform. Antibiotic resistance is one of the serious problem affecting all of us. Not only medical professionals are working hard on fighting antibiotic resistance but also all of us. This is not only a medical issue but is a serious public health probelm needing all of us to take action. We hope that this 2017 One Health Campaign can make all of our public aware of the antibiotic resistance issue and also to promote the concept of One Health to build ourselves a better future. A little step make huge effort! Stay tune on our facebook channel @lsmlab for the video show and follow us! You may also find a large variety of One Health programme happening worldwide in One Health Commission https://www.onehealthcommission.org/en/eventscalendar/one_health_day/event_listing_2017 and also lots of information related to One Health!