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LSM is energetic. We operate under the concept of One Health bringing connection of microorganisms, human health, animal health, food safety among others. We aim to provide the essential microbiology laboratory services eventually to achieve the ultimate goal of the establishment of strategies for disease detection and prevention.  

In the area for food safety, our team of professionals work with passion to bring the message of food safety to everyone, everywhere. Our mission is to promote healthy living and well-being by increasing awareness of food hygiene and safety. We aim to make food hygiene measurable and understandable to consumers. In the food and catering industry, HACCP and similar standards exist to provide a shared hygiene standard. LSM encourages the industry to adopt these standards to ensure food hygiene is being well practiced. We provide an affordable and accessible food testing service that is easily understood. Through our microbiology testing service, you will be able to understand how microorganisms in food can affect the health of your customers and your business. Many consumers wonder how clean is the food they are consuming. LSM can provide clear and detailed analysis of the microorganisms in your food, enabling you to make better decisions. Send your food in, and you will understand more about what you are eating, and how clean food can improve your well-being.

In the field of diagnostic microbiology, our team of experienced Hong Kong medical laboratory technologists is offering a high standard diagnostic microbiology services in terms of quality in testing procedure, culture interpretation and antimicrobial susceptibility test. To fight against antimicrobial resistance is the core element under One Health umbrella and this is why LSM is here to serve.


In terms of our vision, LSM works under the concept of "One Health". We work for customers, but we also work for the earth. Food safety contributes to the principle of "One Health". Unsafe food increases the health burden on individuals as well as the wider healthcare system. Microorganisms in food can cause infection, and these microorganisms can come from various areas including domesticated and wild animals, the environment, and humans. These microorganisms may evolve, mutate, gain antimicrobial resistance and eventually become a threat to the healthcare system. Spreading of muiltudrug resistance microorganism through animal-human route is one of the biggest concern leading to the antimicrobial resistance crisis. Being a microbiology laboratory, LSM has the responsibility to help develop future strategies for disease detection and prevention.


We are professional team of medical laboratory professionals and food safety experts with enthusiasm for food safety and public health. We work according to international standards including ISO, FDA (Food and Drug Administration, US), APHA (American Public Health Association, US), AOAC International (Association of Official Analytical Chemists International), CLSI, EUCAST, IDSA, AAFP and others. We constantly update our technology and services in accordance with the latest trends in food safety and diagnostic microbiology as announced by Centre for Food Safety and Department of Health, HKSAR, the FDA and the WHO to make sure we are constantly operating with the latest scientific developments.